Striving to Achieve Transparency in the Supply Chain

The lack of visibility into one’s own supply chain can be catastrophic for business. In a field where being early is just as bad as being late, companies require the means to see where their shipments are, and make decisions accordingly. Throughout this engagement, we worked with our client to help them design and strategize around their supply chain management platform.

Helping our client instil a repeatable research process

Though I wore many hats throughout this project, my primary focus was on the design strategy and research for the platform. I worked closely with the Associate Creative Director (ACD) on the project to gather input from our client’s customers, synthesize and present this research, and facilitate workshops to define and prioritize future efforts at the portfolio level.

In addition to gathering research for our designs, we worked on trying to instil a repeatable process that considered the qualitative aspect of customer research, rather than just quantitative using analytics. What we’d found was that the existing process focused on delivering value — with the assumption that this also addressed customer problems — and circumvented early-stage generative and evaluative research to identify problems. This caused inefficiencies and a few instances of rework as some customers were only asked for feedback once certain features were in development.

We worked with the client to identify these inefficiencies and helped with defining an approach to gather generative and evaluative research from their customers. I worked on defining what we wanted to learn, assisted our client with facilitating these interviews, and synthesized our findings. We then worked with them to facilitate a workshop to prioritize next steps.

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This brief overview only outlines the stream of work and what I worked on, at an extremely high level. If this overview has piqued your interest, or you’d just like to chat about design strategy in general, please reach out to me.